Recruit, retain, foster

A presentation at Online CTO Summit: Onboarding and retention by Tobie Langel

In a recent Twitter poll which received over 2,000 responses, 65% of respondents claimed that being able to release and contribute to open source software as part of their full time job was somewhat or extremely important. Only 18% thought it was not important at all.

Facebook ran a survey with its new engineering recruits in 2015—when it was still one of the most desirable Silicon Valley companies to work for—75% mentioned Facebook’s open source program as a key reason they had joined the company.

In a market where there’s much more demand for software engineers than there is supply, building a strong open source culture is critical to recruit and retain top talent. And promoting it is just as important.

In this talk, you’ll learn why software engineers care about open source so much, what you can do to foster a strong open source culture, and how you can make sure to effectively promote it to attract—and retain—top talent.

We’ll then put some of you in the hot seat. We’ll have a look at your online presence from the perspective of a job seeking software engineer and compare it with what the best brands are doing.

You’ll leave with actionable and personalized takeaways which will help you build a better engineering culture and become more attractive to the kind of candidates you really want to hire.