A Home for your open source project

A presentation at Open Source Summit Europe by Tobie Langel

You did it! The open source project you launched a couple of years ago has picked-up steam. At first, only a few developers tried it out, but soon more developers joined them, companies followed in their path, and you now even have a number of large tech companies using it. As a result, you’re receiving a steady stream of bug reports and, increasingly, pull requests from contributors all over the world. Your project has a community. It’s healthy. It’s growing.

So far, you’ve been the one setting the project’s direction, but you’re well aware this won’t continue working for long. You need to bring in more people to help maintain the project, and naturally they’ll want a say in how it moves forward. You’ve also heard from other large corporations who’d be interested to contribute to the project or use it, but require a more open governance model to be able to fully commit.

The next steps are obvious; you need to move the project to a software foundation.

But which one should you pick and why?

In this talk, we’ll look at why you’d want to move a project to a foundation, and what doing so involves. We’ll give you a solid rundown of the various foundations and related options, and their pros and cons. And we’ll arm you with enough knowledge so you can ask the right question and make the best decision for your project.